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NYX Cosmetics Eye Makeup Look

I received some NYX goodies in the post a couple of weeks ago. I had some single shadows of the same tones already myself, so I really fancied playing with them all together. This...
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New Makeup Summer Look

New makeup alert! I've had an abundance of new makeup come in over the past few weeks. Some are PR samples, some I bought myself, some were gifts from a friend and some are not...
Casual Night Out Makeupvideo

Casual Night Out Makeup GET READY WITH ME

I am back with another Get Ready With Me video! This one is a more casual night out makeup look.   I was heading to a blogger event that evening, so knew I needed to put...
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Too Faced Natural Love

I went to the launch of the Too Faced Natural Love Palette and within (no exaggeration) a half an hour of having it in my possession. I turned the camera on and played with...
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Simple Summer Makeup Using Affordable Products

I wanted to create a simple Summer makeup look and I made it a bit more interesting and used all affordable makeup products! This is about as fresh and simple summer makeup like my oilier...
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Kat Von D Makeup First Impressions

I finally got myself to the new Kat Von D Makeup counter in Debenhams! It's been a long time coming. Well actually it's only been up and running for a couple of weeks, but...