As you probably know if you watched my ‘What I Got For Christmas‘ video. John very kindly got me a L’Oréal Steampod for Christmas.

irish beauty blogI say it all the time, hair is not my forte. I’m lucky enough that I have a decent mop on my head, so I don’t always think too much about it. I can straighten and curl it and that’s about as fancy as I get. I have quite the chubby face, so I wear it down most of the time, it’s kind of my comfort blanket. My previous straighteners was a GHD (that was around eleven years old). So a new one was definitely beauty blogger

After doing some research and listening to some of my awesome blogging buddies, the L’Oréal Steampod was decided on. I got the second generation one.L'Oreal Steampod Review

‘The Steampod 2.0 is a revolutionary hairstyling tool from L’Oreal. A combination of steam and pro-keratin technology helps to tame hair movement and leave it silky smooth, whilst protecting from heat damage’, according to L’Oré irish beauty blog

There’s loads of videos and blogposts already on it. But I thought I would throw my opinion into the mix. And also give a very basic demo of it on my hair. I have a lot of hair, but it is quite fine and it tends to get limp very quickly. As always you can watch the demo and hear my thoughts by clicking on the video above. Or, you can click here to go directly to my YouTube irish beauty bloggerbeauty blog irelandbeauty blogger ireland

John got my L’Oréal Steampod directly from Peter Mark salon here in Dublin. I believe it was Liffey Valley. It’s generally cheaper online though. I found it on Look Fantastic here for the best price.

Let me know what you think. Have you tried the Steampod yourself? What’s your favourite hair tool or product?
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    Eavsn says:

    I found the Steampod very disappointing. I have thick coarse hair and after using it at 180 degrees my hair looks very thick and bushy – straight-ish but very bushy. No gloss or shine. I used the iron with the comb part up so only noticed arrows afterwards – so used upside down, don’t know if that matters, also used tap water not distilled water. Didn’t notice any steam either but did do something for my hair but not nearly as good as GHDs. Any advice? Thanks.

    • Gem
      Gem says:

      I just use tap water in mine, so can’t compare from that end. Our water isn’t very limey or anything though. Definitely use it in the direction of the arrows, imagine it as an iron for your hair. That’s what it is in a safe nutshell really isn’t it. Although I know how cumbersome it is to use. I think slowly and steady wins the race and you want to clamp down to let the steam do it’s thing. xxx


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