Here’s my first ever Youtube video! It’s a speeded through Get Ready With Me. I love zoning out and watching these, and on the plus side it meant less talking for me πŸ™‚ It’s not perfect, but sure neither am I. Thanks so much for watching and if you like it please be sure to […]

Makeup Revolution Haul

My name is Gemma and I have sinned…nah not really. I just did my first ever Makeup Revolution shop and wanted to document it before I make the palette all yucky and unphotographable…yep thats a word πŸ™‚ The Superdrug in The Square Shopping Centre finally got a Makeup Revolution stand. I only went in for […]

I may have mentioned once or twice in the past, I have skin that sometimes resembles a chip pan? Well I do. And I try alot of products to help ebb it as much as possible. Lets be real, nothing gets rid of it, but some things are better than others at keeping it at […]