top irish beauty blogger

top irish beauty blogger

In case you don’t follow me on social media, here is a recap. Essence Cosmetics turned 15 this year. To celebrate, they had a big party in Berlin, Germany. And I was one of the lucky people who got to go. Four of us in total got to go from Ireland. May I add the other three ladies who were on the trip were absolute legends.

I decided to bring my camera to try and vlog my’ Weekend In Berlin With Essence Cosmetics’.

irish beauty blogger

Like it was a no brainer that I had to at least try! It’s not everyday that a girl (ahem, woman) like me gets to have a weekend in Berlin with a makeup brand!

I am still new to this vlogging game. I’ve only ever done it once before with John here. On my own I can talk to the camera, but I am still pretty shy about pulling it out in front of other people…that’s what she said 🙂

weekend in berlin

So the vlog consists of everything we got up to with a smattering of me keeping you updated generally in the comforts of my hotel room 🙂

irish beauty blog

We stayed in the nhow hotel on the East side of Berlin, which is a really cool music themed hotel. The party itself was held in the Tempdrom Berlin, which is a pretty epic venue! We weren’t allowed bring cameras, but I did have my phone and managed to get a couple of clips of the joint. I’m sure if you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you got the feel of it though.

The next day we got some site seeing in which was awesome. I really wanted to visit Kiko while I was there, but all the shops close on Sunday. That was probably a good thing though in hindsight, because it meant I had more time to explore the city a little.

top irish beauty blog

I honestly had the loveliest time and I hope you coming on my weekend in Berlin through video form 🙂 As always you can click on the video above to watch, or head directly to my YouTube channel here.

Thank you so so much to the Essence PR here in Ireland for inviting me and of course to all of you for tuning in!!