Mac Eyeshadows My Most Used

I stopped buying Mac Eyeshadows for a long time, It wasn’t a matter of not liking them. It was a matter of the price. There was so many other brands bringing out quality shadows that were much better value for money. Makeup Geek, the first one springing to mind. I have lots of posts including Makeup Geek. I’ll link my favourite neutrals from the brand here.

Mac Eyeshadows

However, at the beginning of this year, Mac reduced the price here in Ireland. Single pan Mac Eyeshadows will now set you back €7 from Brown Thomas and Arnotts here. At one stage, they were costing €11. Seven quid is a much better deal! And of course with Arnotts selling the brand in store and online too, it’s much easier to get a hold of.

Mac cosmetics ireland

I’ll stop waffling now since you clicked to see my most used shadows from the brand 🙂 A bit of a disclaimer, they are not very exciting. I went with five choices. For some reason that seems to be a nice number for me with these things.

mac cosmetics

They are overall neutral with a couple of more interesting colours thrown in too. These are honestly shades I use though. Also, I should point out too, other brands do have similar eyeshadows. Sure Makeup Geek give their Mac dupes on the website. I like to dabble in all brands though and Mac are damn good at eyeshadow (specifically singles), among other things of course.

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First up we have Naked Lunch.

This is one of those colours most makeup lovers had at once stage. This is my second one. I only picked it up a few months ago.

irish beauty blogger
beauty blog ireland
beauty blogger ireland

It’s a neutral and quite cool toned shimmery nude shade with a hint of pink. I love it for highlighting and applied all over the lid on ‘no makeup,makeup’ days.

Second is All That Glitters.

This is another neutral shimmery shade, just deeper. I think of it as a rosy champagne colour. I do know on deeper skin tones it can look a bit orange in tone, that is something to note. But again, for me it’s another everyday shade.

top irish beauty blog
top irish beauty blogger
top beauty blog ireland

It works so lovely just applied all over the lid. You can intensify the shine from it by wetting your brush to apply it.

Third is Satin Taupe.

This is probably my most used shade. It’s a cool toned taupe frosty colour. The formula is a little harder to work with, it’s quite stiff. I generally use my finger too apply it. It is such an unusual shade though, so I can live with the application.

top beauty blogger ireland
dublin beauty blog
dublin beauty blogger

You can create dimensional colour with it by just blending the edges with a fluffy brush. In some lights it can look more purple than brown.

My fourth choice is Club.

Club holds a special place in my makeup heart. For a long time it was the only one of it’s kind out there. Nowadays, there’s plenty of similar shades on the market. Like Satin Taupe, it’s a multi dimensional shade.

mac cosmetics club
mac eyeshadows
mac cosmetics ireland

It is green in the pan, but shifts brown as you blend it. You get a really cool duo chrome effect from it. I remember buying both Satin Taupe and Club at the same time from Brown Thomas after seeing so much hype about them online back in the day. I am glad I did 🙂

My last choice is the most colourful out of the lot. This is Cranberry.

This is a frost finish reddened burgundy with a pink and golden sheen to it. Again, it was one of those shades that a few years ago was hard to come by. Not so much anymore, but it’s still a lovely version of it.

mac single pan eyeshadows
mac makeup arnotts
top mac eyeshadows

It looks super intimidating, putting red on your eyes seems insane! For me, I think it does a great job at bringing out the green in my hazel eyes. I generally just use it all over the lid with some brown in the crease.

top five mac eyeshadowsAnd there you have my most reached for Mac Eyeshadows. Do you still dabble in them? What would be your most used?


top irish beauty blogger

It’s been a minute since I did a makeup look on my YouTube channel. I always call them looks rather than tutorials. I feel like the word tutorial is more professional, and I am definitely not that. In makeup or video form 🙂 I created this rose gold sparkle eye makeup look a couple of weeks ago and snapped an Instagram of it.

Rose Gold Sparkle Eye Makeup Look

I was super happy with how it turned out and I got some good interaction on social media from it. So, I thought I would recreate it in video form. To show you what I used, how I did it. And, just how simple it was.

irish beauty blogirish beauty blogger

The main components of this rose gold sparkle makeup look is my beloved Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. I am so sorry, I have literally not shut up about this palette, I know. But I have just been enjoying using it so bloody much. And, I have to stay true to what I used on the day, right? I have a review of it here, so I won’t bore you with the details.

beauty blog ireland

The glitter came in the form of the Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeshadow in Rose Gold Retro. I have a post on this here too. I find although this is a cream eyeshadow, I do get fall out. So I used the NYX Glitter Primer underneath. I picked this up in Boots here. Of course any sort of adhesive base would do the job.

These along with the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Torch were the main products I used to create the eye look. I got this from Debenhams, but it’s actually cheaper from Feel Unique here.

I also mentioned my lip combo in my Insta post, so I recreated that too. It’s a very ‘me’ combo. Rimmel Eastend Snob lip liner all over the lips, with Mac Syrup lippie over top. Mauve and neutral. My go too lip colour for the past few months.

irish beauty youtuber

I totally got bored taking photos of myself 🙂

Obviously you can see create the rose gold glitter makeup look over on my YouTube channel here. Or you can just click on the video above to watch also.

Be sure to let me know what you think!

Thanks for tuning in, as always.



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I received some NYX goodies in the post a couple of weeks ago. I had some single shadows of the same tones already myself, so I really fancied playing with them all together. This is where the Nyx Cosmetics Eye Makeup Look came about. I popped the camera on and sure didn’t I film it 🙂

beauty blog dublin

I didn’t do a whole face of one brand, because I didn’t think I had enough product to warrant it. But I did have some cheek, mascara and lip products to add into the mix too. So, I added them in to finish off the look.

Nyx Cosmetics Eye Makeup Look

I’ll list all the goodies below, just in case anything takes your fancy:

  • Hot Single Eyeshadow in ‘LOL’.
  • Prismatic Eyeshadow in ‘Sunset Daze’.
  • Hot Single Eyeshadow in ‘Heat’.
  • Prismatic Eyeshadow in ‘Golden Peach’.
  • Sweet Cheek Blush Palette.
  • Voluptuous Lush Lashes Mascara.
  • Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Palette (I have a review of this here).
  • Mauve Lipliner.
  • Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Stockholm’ all over the lips.
  • Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Tokyo’ just in the middle.
irish beauty blog
Nyx Cosmetics Ireland
Nyx Cosmetics

Luckily Boots have us covered in the NYX department now. In the bigger stores at least. We can get our hands on nearly the whole range. You can of course buy from them online here too.

irish beauty blogger
top irish beauty blog
beauty blogger ireland

This NYX Cosmetics eye makeup look ended up being a little bit more ‘out there’ than I would generally go for. But, I was actually really happy with it how it came out. The single eyeshadows are really lovely and easy to work with.

Nyx Cosmetics Eye Makeup Look

As always you click the video above to this really simple come together or you can click here to watch it directly on my YouTube channel.

Let me know what you think. Would you rock an orange eye look?






The Zoeva Plaisir Box is one of the fanciest makeup products I have ever owned!

Zoeva Plaisir Box

Well it’s actually three products in a very swish box, but you know what I mean 🙂

Zoeva Plaisir Box

I spotted Anna from TheAnnaEdit chatting on her blog about it before Christmas and shared her post on the Beautynook Facebook page, just because it looked so pretty. So many of you lovely people told me just how much you loved the Zoeva eye shadows. That alone sold me so thank you! I have lots of Zoeva brushes in my possession, this is my first step into their makeup products. But, after this experience I would 100 percent buy more!

The Zoeva Plaisir Box comes impeccably packaged. It is in the same vein as a swanky box of chocolates. The box is sleeved as well as the individual palettes. Honestly, I know I sound a tad over the top, but it’s a joy to unbox.

Zoeva ireland

The three palettes (which are available to buy separately) are all named very chocolate appropriately. There’s ‘Caramel Melange, ‘Blanc Fusion’ and ‘Cocoa Blend’.

Zoeva brushesZoeva Cosmetics

The eye shadows themselves in my opinion are a joy to work with. They are soft, rich in pigment and I, as of yet have experienced minimal fall out when using them. There is a mixture of shimmers (almost foil like), mattes and a couple of satin finishes. You have warm and more cool toned colours within the mix too. The shades on a whole lean more towards the neutral side, but there is a couple of fun ones thrown in for good measure as well. I, myself wouldn’t use all of the shades on a general basis, but the majority as shades I would gravitate towards for everyday makeup and for the evening too. There is ten shadows in each palette, each pan is 1.5 grams.

Here are they are in action:

‘Caramel Melange’ is the warmest of the three.

zoeva spacenk

Zoeva Plaisir Box

irish beauty blog

top irish beauty blogger

Wax Paper, Universal Delight, Aftertaste, 182º, Liquid Center

top blog ireland

Alchemy, Start Soft, Finish Sensual, Almost Burnt, Edible Gem

Next up is ‘Blanc Fusion’.

irish beauty blogger

beauty blog ireland

beauty blogger ireland

irish beauty website

Noble, Single Origin, Visions Of Gold, Late Bloomer, Sweetness Lingers

top blogger ireland

Travel Inspired, Joy In A Box,Conched, Question Of Taste, Last Bite

The third is ‘Cocoa Blend’.

beauty blogbeauty bloggertop irish beauty blog

irish makeup blog

Bitter Start, Sweeter End, Warm Notes, Subtle Blend, Beans Are White

makeup blog ireland

Pure Ganache, Substitute For Love, Freshly Toasted, Infusion, Delicate Acidity

The palettes are available on their own for €22.50 each. The Zoeva Plaisir Box costs €62 from the Zoeva website here.

What do you think?


Since Colourpop have begun shipping to Ireland, I have made three orders from their website. The shipping is pretty expensive, I know. They do free shipping every so often though and the products themselves are pretty cheap. I try to keep my orders below the tax threshold of €25 which is a pain in the bum. But sure look I won’t complain 🙂 I have four shadows in my collection at the moment, but I thought I could update this post as I add to my collection. So, here is my Colourpop eyeshadows, so far 🙂

my colourpop eyeshadows

Three of them definitely fall into a similar colour wheel and then there’s a wild card in there for good measure.

my colourpop eyeshadows

Their powder products have the most unusual texture that I’ve spoken about before. The formula feels wet and spongy to the touch. They come in a screw top container so they don’t dry out.

colourpop eyeshadows

The four Colourpop eyeshadows I own are soft and pigmented. The metallic ones are my preferred texture and finish out of the bunch. You get the best application from all of them when you apply with your fingertips. You can apply with a brush, it just takes a bit more work and building up.

First up we have ‘LaLa’. This is a rose gold metallic shadow. It’s probably my favourite and most used out of all four I own.

colourpop cosmetics
colourpop eyeshadow ireland
beauty blogger

My next favourite would be ‘Gameface’. This is a warm toned metallic bronze.

colourpop cosmetics
colourpop ireland
beauty blog


Third in my collection is ‘Elixir’, the only true matte of the bunch. It’s a warm terracotta colour.

irish beauty blog
irish beauty blogger
irish beauty blog site

Then last I have ‘Envy’. This was a really random choice for me. It’s a matte black with flecks of purple glitter running through it. Not an everyday pick, but I’m sure it will come in handy, someday 🙂

beauty blog ireland
beauty blogger ireland
top irish beauty blog

And that’s all my Colourpop eyeshadows, for now 🙂 You can shop all of their products on the website here.





theBalm Meet Matte Nude Palette caused alot of hype when it was first released. As far as I know this is the first palette in the Meet Matte collection, the second was Meet Matte Trimony which is a selection of mattes more on the burgundy side . I picked this palette up from the Makeup Forever Store here in Dublin. They had both palettes but I ended up going for Mr Nude…… 🙂

theBalm Meet Matte Nude

 theBalm say ‘You’ve met Matt(e), now it’s time to Meet Matt(e) Nude…nude eyeshadows that is. Because size matt(e)rs, there are nine larger Matt(e)s showing their true colors in nude hues. As a matt(e)r of fact, this palette is versatile enough to wear day and night, as liners and as all-over colors…the whole 9 yards! With so many guys to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect shade, no matt(e)r what!’

theBalm Meet Matte NudeThe packaging as with all theBalm products is adorable. It’s sturdy enough cardboard with a magnetic closing.

You get a really decent sized mirror too.

irish beauty blog

There’s nine eyeshadows in the palette totally 25.5 grams of product.

theBalm irelandIn my opinion, the shades are a good mix of warm-ish and cool-ish tones, so the palette is quite versatile.


Onto the swatching, the bit we all come to see 🙂


So there you have it. theBalm Meet Matte Nude in all it’s glory. Overall, I think it’s a really nice palette. Some of the shades are a little more powdery than others, making them a bit harder to work with, bit I think I will get alot of use out of it overall.

As I said, I bought it in the Makeup Forever store in Clarendon street here in Dublin, but if you are looking to buy online, you can find it here from Cloud10beauty. It will set you back €44. theBalm is much cheaper in America unfortunately, it seems to be marked up here in Europe quite alot 🙁

Does theBalm Meet Matte Nude take your fancy?