I’m probably going to say this everytime I put up a post on Beautynook now. It’s been a while blog friends. I’m definitely not as dedicated to blogging as I once was. But sure I’m not gone completely. I still waffle about makeup over on Instagram on the daily 🙂 This video was filmed on my phone, completely off the cuff the other day. I was about to dig into my only Marc Jacobs eyeshadow, that I had never used before, so wanted to document it. The lighting isn’t the best, but sure hopefully the banter is 🙂 This is my really easy burgundy eye look.

easy burgundy eye look

This super simple burgundy eye look could essentially be done with one eyeshadow, some liner and mascara. I probably over complicated it to begin with, just because I was winging it and didn’t know how the fancy eyeshadow would perform. The Marc Jacobs O! Mercy O!Mega Eyeshadowmarc jacobs eyeshadow

I bought it on a whim for myself as a birthday present, along with an eyeliner of a similar colour which I use briefly too. The shadow is absolutely huge, it could probably double as a blush. The pay off is really great and it blended well too. I will say by the end of the evening though it was definitely patchy on my oily lids. I’ll reserve judgement though and try it with different bases before making a final decision on it.easy burgundy eye look

The Huda Beauty New Nude Palette was cracked out for this burgundy eye look too. I really don’t reach for this much in all honesty, but it is pretty to look at 🙂top irish beauty blogger

The lip combo is from Essence, cheap cheerful and effective, I think. Nude by pinky nude. I’m too pale for full on nude lips.

I didn’t film my base routine, but it’s essentially the same as shown here, so you can check that out if you fancy some more content.

So there you have my easy burgundy eye look. Let me know what you think.


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I love skincare, but I’m always a bit hesitant to talk about it too in depth. Just because I think it’s such a personal, specific thing. I do review products, but generally it’s because I really really love them or I really really hate them 🙂 I’m definitely no expert either, so that comes into play too. But, I figured I would just go through another updated daytime skincare routine. It’s less committal and just shows you what I am using right now and why.

My daytime skincare routine is quite basic. I like to keep it pretty simple. I have oily skin overall, but the older I get the more dehydration I get too. The two ailments are conflicting completely, luckily nowadays there’s products out there that will help with both skin concerns at the same beauty blog

I am obviously chatting about what I use and why I use it in video form. You can watch above or click here to go directly to my YouTube channel here.Daytime Skincare Routine

Blogging and having to research products and of course being sent product to trial has for sure helped me on my skincare journey. I have to learn what works for me and why so I can talk about and hopefully point readers in the right skincare direction. What I am using right now is my summer daytime skincare routine, things would vary a bit in the colder weather.

For toner I am using the Pixi Rose Tonic.

It’s gentle, minimises redness and also helps balance the skin’s PH balance.

Eye cream is the Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour.

top irish beauty blog

This is a brand I wouldn’t have gotten to try if I didn’t blog, but I really enjoy this eye cream. Exuviance is created by the people at Neostrata. They say it reduces puffiness and smoothes wrinkles. I like it because it’s a thin formula that absorbs quickly, but still leaves my under eyes hydrated and smooth. A lot of eye creams can be too rich for me, this one does the job perfectly.

For moisturiser, I use the Vichy Minéral 89 irish beauty blogger

It’s created with mineral water and hyaluronic acid. A lot of people would use just as a serum as it’s more a gel formula. For me it works brilliantly as a daytime moisturiser. It plumps my skin and skins in really quickly without leaving a residue that might interfere with makeup application.

As it is Summer, I am using a hefty SPF. This one is new to me, but it’s literally been love at first application. This is the Eucerin SPF 50+ Oil Control. Yep oil blog ireland

This is the first Summer I think that I’ve been confident enough to use a stand alone SPF on my face. Usually the formula is oily and would have me a shiny mess within the hour. Not this though, and it actually feels really nice going on too. I apply this in the morning and then I’ll use a spray something like the Ambre Solaire Sensitive Mist over my makeup if I’m outdoors throughout the day.

Last but not least I always apply a lip balm before I do my makeup. What one it is does vary, but as the weather is so darn nice I’m using one with a high SPF at the minute. I am really liking the Shiseido UV Lip Color Splash with SPF blogger ireland

The tinted ones are nice too, but I use the clear one on most days. It’s not sticky and lip colour applies nicely over top of it.

And there you have my current daytime skincare routine. Have you tried any of the products?


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Real Techniques Brushes

I have spoken a lot about Real Techniques Brushes (and their sponges too).

Real Tecniques Brushes

But, with all their new releases at the moment, which on a side note, I need everything! I thought I would bring it back to some of their basics, and the Real Techniques brushes I reach for on a daily basis.

Real Techniques Brushes

I’ve split it into face brushes and eye brushes. Just a coincidence that there’s three of each 🙂

irish beauty blog

First up is one of the first Real Techniques brushes I ever bought. Although this is a newer version of it. John broke my old one when he attempted to do my makeup. You can check out the lolz in that video here. This is their Blush Brush.

affordable makeup brushes

Although I definitely do not use it for blush. I love that the fab Pixiwoo ladies always say their brushes do not need to be used for their namesake. Use them for what they work for.

irish beauty blogger
top irish beauty blog

I use the Blush Brush for bronzer. I love the tapered shape for doing some light bronzer contouring too. It’s €14.99 from the Boots website here.

My next choice is their Setting Brush. It’s again tapered and like all of their brushes synthetic.

top irish beauty blogger

I don’t specifically use it for it’s named purpose either. This, for me works great for setting my lids with powder rather than my face.

beauty blog ireland
beauty blogger ireland

I also use it for highlighter too. It’s €9.50 from Cloud 10 Beauty here

My last face brush choice is the one I probably use the most. It’s the Cheek Brush. top beauty blogger irelandI use this to pack on setting powder. It’s domed and moderately dense, so I find it great for applying powder quite liberally. As well doing a good job of getting in around the nose and the brows.

top beauty blogger ireland
beauty blog

Because I have oilier skin. I tend to go in hard with the powder and then use buckets of setting spray to make me look less like a powdery mess 🙂 This was part of the Nic’s Picks limited edition collection, so you can’t buy it individually unfortunately.

Onto my eye brush choices. beauty bloggerThese all have purple handles, and are all part of kits which is super annoying, I’m sorry. But they have such similar brushes still available and you can still find the kits in chemists and stores.

Feel Unique have the Starter Kit here, which contains the Deluxe Crease Brush.

irish beauty website

I bloody love this brush for under eye concealer. But I generally use it on lazy days when I just want to put a wash of colour across my lids. There’s no faffing needed, it does the job in a couple of swipes.

top irish beauty website
dublin beauty blog

I do use my other choices for their actual purposes 🙂 I love the Base Shadow Brush for building up colour on the lid.

dublin beauty blogger

It’s quite small and tapers at the tip so works great for blending and application. You can kind of blend with it as you go.

real techniques
drugstore makeup brushes

I love using it for applying loose pigments and glitter aswell. It works well with powders, creams and mixing mediums too.

My last choice is the Essential Crease Brush.

budget makeup brushes

This is just super dainty and great for precise crease work. The bristles aren’t too tightly packed so it still gives you scope to blend colour as you go.

top beauty blog
top beauty blogger

I love using this for blowing out colour on the lower lash line too.

And there you have my most used Real Techniques Brushes! I am a huge fan overall of the brand. They have brushes to cater to most budgets and needs. They are all synthetic and cruelty free. And for me, generally wash really well too. Have you a favourite?



Yep, It’s June Favourites 2017 time 🙂

june favourites

June is my birthday month so I always think it’s extra exciting for monthly favourites, because I usually have more stuff to ramble about.

june favouritesirish beauty blog

This year’s June favourites really consist of a mixture of everything really.


  • My first faves were something I bought out of my birthday money.

irish beauty blogger

I am totally not cool enough for these babies, but sure I am going to wear the hell out of them anyways 🙂 These are The Quay Australia X Desi Hi Key Black Fades. I bought them on Asos here. YouTube totally made me do it and I am completely OK with that :).

  • The really inexpensive eBay half lashes that I talk about can be found here, if you want a closer look at them. Definitely not great quality, but they do the job!
  • The band tees are a mixture from Primark and H&M. They are pretty much everywhere at the minute though. I am very much jumping on the bandwagon. It’s a comfortable wagon though so I feel no shame about it 🙂
  • I speak more about the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and link to it here.
  • Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer is swatched and linked in a blogpost here.
  • I chat about my new favourite AMC gel liner from Inglot. I did a blogpost on my latest Inglot haul here. You can see the liner swatched and where to get it over there.
  • And then, my final pick for my June Favourites was The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. This has such a long scary name, I know! You can read more about it on the Deciem website here.

top irish beauty blogger

I obviously ramble a lot more about these in the video here. I just like to do a blog post to accompany it with links, and to add in anything I may have forgotten.

Let me know what you think and if you have any June favourites yourself.

Thanks for clicking.

Gemma xxx



Clarins are releasing some awesome products at the moment. You know how enamored I am with their 4 Colour All In One Pen. I did a post on it here a little while ago. Another one of their limited edition releases is a Face Contour Palette. This is their first one.

Clarins Face Contour Palette

It contains 3 shades. A highlight, a contour and a blush colour.

clarins contouring palette

The packaging is beautiful. The powders are packaged in a very swish gold palette.

irish beauty blog
irish beauty blogger
clarins ireland


And a large mirror is always welcome too.

top irish beauty blog

It also comes with it’s own mini contouring brush.

beauty blog ireland
clarins makeup
beauty blogger ireland

The natural hair brush is super soft and actually super functional. It works really well at applying the product. The angled shape makes it great for applying contour, but it’s wide enough that you can blend out with it too.

Here are all three colours swatched side by side on my arm, just to give an idea of the finish and the pigmentation. They are enriched with plant extracts that are supposed to help nourish the skin. As well as Clarins own Anti-Pollution Complex.

top irish beauty blogger

All the powders are soft and pigmented. The highlighter is not what you would expect. It’s matte for a start! Clarins say use to enhance the face rather than add glow. Like under your eyes, the chin and the middle of the forehead.

The contour powder is quite warm toned.

beauty blog
beauty blogger
beauty blogger
top irish beauty site

For me, although the powder is lovely and blends really nicely. It doesn’t work as a contour. I much prefer using as a matte bronzer around the perimeter of my face to warm up my complexion.

The blush is pink toned with a satin finish. It’s a nice universal colour, that I think would work on a lot of skin tones.

irish beauty website
top beauty blogger ireland

Overall, I think the Clarins Face Contour Palette is nice. It is always nice to have multi functioning products under a pretty roof. The powders are really good quality, they are packaged beautifully and the brush is really functional. The highlight shade for me, works better as a setting powder and the contour shade as a bronzer. If you are looking to use it for their stated purposes however, it might not be the palette for you.

It is available in all stockists now. You can buy it from Boots online here. It will set you back €47 for 13.8 grams of product, along with the accompanying brush.

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The Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops are not a new phenomenon.

Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops

Many brands have their own offering of the concept. However, the Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops are the cheapest version I have come across as of yet on the market. That alone is exciting. Who doesn’t like a bargain? 🙂

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, they are basically a pigment you can add into a foundation to either lighten or darken the shade and customise if to your preferred colour. These drops come in 15ml tubes.

Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops

As a pale skinned gal. The Lightening Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops are definitely something that could enrich my foundation wearing life. Alot of the time the palest shade in a foundation range is still too dark for me. The Darkening Drops probably won’t get much use from me personally, but they are equally as important for warming up foundations for darker skinned beauties. Or, of course for fake tan wearing days 🙂

catrice makeup ireland

They have a light but creamy consistency that blends super easily with foundation. I was kind of worried about them changing how my foundation applies and lasts on the skin. But, after trying the lightening ones everyday for the past week or so, I can confidently say they don’t on me.

catrice cosmetics

Here it is in action on my skin with a foundation that is a couple of shades too dark for me. Now I will say, some of the transformer products on the market come in white which would give more colour scope. The Catrice offering are more of a very light skin shade.

beauty blog ireland
top irish beauty blog
beauty blogger ireland
top irish beauty blogger

The Darkening Drops work in much the same way.

irish beauty blog

irish beauty blogger

I would say add product and mix as you go. The first time I played with these I ended up wasting alot. They’re called drops for a reason, a little goes a long way 🙂

irish beauty blog site
beauty blog
irish beauty blogger site
beauty blogger

Catrice also say on the website you can use the drops for highlighting and contouring, which makes sense since they are pigmented and blendable, and of course the right kind of shades. Not something I have tried as of yet, but I definitely will at some stage.

Overall, I am a fan of the Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops. A variation of colours would be as always more beneficial to more skin tones. But, for the price point (€3.95), they are a great addition to your personal makeup collection. They are available in retailers now.


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