If you follow me on social media, you know I have not shut up about The Ordinary over the past few weeks. It is a really affordable but effective skincare brand created by Deciem. They have now released two foundations. I managed to get my hands on both! So, I thought I would break it down into two blogposts, in case one takes your fancy more than the other. This post is dedicated to The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation.

the ordinary colours serum foundation

Now I knew ordering this foundation, that it probably wouldn’t be compatible with my oily skin, but I wanted to try it regardless. The hype about this brand is just too much, and it’s super affordable to boot 🙂

the ordinary colours serum foundation

The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation comes in a 30ml plastic bottle with a rubberized plastic pump.

The packaging works really well and is very sleek for the price. My only gripe with it is that because the pump is matte, it tends to get really grubby with foundation. You can order a glass pipette for it separately if you’d rather apply it with that.

the ordinary deciem

The foundation comes in an abundance of shades from super light to super dark. 21 shades in total! It also comes in tones aswell which is even more awesome! So you can choose from pink, red and neutral undertones. There are 3 shades with S and G as the undertone, which stands for silver and gold. These have added highlight in them. Deciem say they will eventually create separate enhancers and highlighter so we can customise. I ain’t mad at that!

I totally guessed my shade and did a pretty good job I think. I went with 1.1N (neutral).

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The formula is light and nearly runny when you pump it out. It is a serum foundation, so that’s completely what you would expect. They use high saturated pigment, so a little goes a long way.

The Ordinary skincare
top irish beauty blog
irish beauty blogger
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To me, this is a light but build-able to medium foundation. It blends in to the skin really nicely and definitely covers up and even out any discolouration. A little goes a fairly long way. It doesn’t settle into lines and is really light weight on the skin too.

Here in Europe it is deemed SPF 15 (there is different regulations in different countries). The finish for me is more on the dewy side which again is what I expected. But, it’s not greasy on the skin. I’ve been wearing The Ordinary Silicone Primer with it and they work well together.


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top beauty blog ireland

I usually just pump some directly onto my face.

top beauty blogger ireland


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Obviously you can see it in action on my skin in the pics above, but I used it in a recent video here too, so you can see it kinda sorta in ‘real life’! When I first apply it, it has gives a velvet like finish to the skin. There’s definitely more of a glow to it after it settles though. I personally wouldn’t get more than a couple of hours wear out of before the oiliness wins the war. But if I use a good primer and powder (alot), I can get a bit longer.Having said though, if you have more dry, combo skin, this will work a treat for you. It is a gorgeous everyday foundation.

beauty blogger ireland
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The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation is currently out of stock on the Deciem website (sorry), but you can sign up here to be notified when it’s back in. It costs a ridiculously reasonable €6.70. Deciem also offer free shipping over €25.

Are you intrigued? Have you tried it yourself? Let me know 🙂




Marissa and the Cocoa Brown team have gone and surprised us all with their four new arrivals. I am sure you have seen them all over your social media feeds, but here’s a closer look at the new Cocoa Brown Kind Range!

Cocoa Brown Kind RangeMarissa has begun the expansion of Cocoa Brown, it no longer just means tan and complimenting products….a new Cocoa Brown Kind Range era has started 🙂

It Continas contains shampoo, conditioner and a shower gel.

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This Cocoa Brown Travel Set is our introduction into these with travel friendly 50ml bottles of the products. These will be released in full size bottles too!

cocoa brown travel setirish beauty blogger

They are all scented with the Tahitian gardenia scent which is now synonymous with Cocoa Brown with a hint of peach in there too. Cocoa Brown actually say the fragrance used in the products is so minimal that they didn’t technically even have to list the ingredients used on the tube, but they did which is nice. The Kind Range is derived from natural sources and contains coconut oil and fruit sugars. They are paraben,alcohol and formaldehyde free. Marissa herself suffers with dermatitis on her scalp so wanted to create and shampoo and conditioner that works for sensitive scalp and skin conditions. They’re also kind to coloured hair and extensions. An added bonus too, the products are ph neutral, so they won’t get interfere with your fake tanning!

The Cocoa Brown Kind Range Travel Set also contains their new Face & Body Self Tanning Wipes.

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I was lucky enough to have lunch with Cocoa Brown yesterday to hear about (and of course receive) the new products. Marissa said upon talking to buyers of Cocoa Brown, there was a market for tanning wipes. So, she decided she wanted to release her own and do them right!

beauty blogger ireland

The wipes are said ‘to be an easy way to maintain your Cocoa Brown tan on the go’.

top irish beauty blogMarissa also made the point that when your travelling, the wipes won’t take up any of the liquid allowance in your luggage.

I will of course be giving all the products a go, so keep an eye on my social media to see how I get on. 🙂

So there you have it, the newest Cocoa Brown Kind Range in travel form. What do you think?

It’s available in Cocoa Brown stockists since yesterday the 7th of June, so you can get your hands on it and try for yourself. Cloud10beauty have it to buy online here. The set is priced at €7.95.



Last night I attended the Irish press launch of the brand Flormar. Now I know Flormar is a brand that has been around a while now. It originated in Milan in the 70’s and is now based in Turkey. It was available in Ireland for a short time too a couple of years ago, but now it is being relaunched into pharmacies around the country aswell as The Cosmetic Outlet in Dublin 8 and online too.

I myself had never tried Flormar, so I was very excited to bring home a goodie bag at the end of a lovely evening in The Residence.

I thought I would show you the products us bloggers got just to give you a little impartial look at some of what the brand has to offer.

Flormar itself has a whole range of cosmetics, including over 1000 different nail polishes, holy crap, so there is plenty of choice for us and everything is priced below €12.95!

First up we have the product their Bronzing Powder.

flormar bronzing powder

Flormar First Impression (6)

flormar ireland bronzer

irish beauty blog beautynook

This bronzer is huge, you get 33grams of product for €9.95.

irish beauty blog beautynook

After swatching the bronzer I can say it’s really pigmented and soft to the touch aswell. You can see it on my arm above, swatched and then beside it a swatch more blended into the skin. It has sparkles in the pan but applies matte.

Next up is their Illuminating Primer Make-up Base.

flormar illuminating primer

This comes in a 30ml bottle with a pump and will cost you €9.95. Flormar say it’s infused with green tea and acacia to soothe and nourish the skin.

It comes out white on the skin initially.

irish beauty blog beautynook

But then when it blends and dries it leave a nice sheeny (but not greasy base).

beauty blog

I wonder how this will fare on my oily skin?

We also got an eyeshadow palette in our bags.

flormar colour palette eyeshadow

flormar eyeshadow

flormar ireland

This is called ‘Nude Dudes’ and will set you back €9.95. It contains 5 matte brown shades including a warmer brown colour which is pretty rare to find in your local chemist. I for one am happy about this.

I’ve only swatched them on my arm so far, but like the bronzer, they were very soft and easy to blend.

beautynook beauty blog

The lightest shade is the exact same colour as my pale ass skin so it doesn’t show up too well on camera. It will make the perfect base colour for my lids though 🙂

We got two lip products to try out aswell.

First up the Flormar Longwearing lipgloss in ‘Backstage’.

flormar longwearing lipgloss Backstage

flormar beautynookI actually wore this today, the hot magenta colour lured me in. It’s not sticky on the lips at all and the colour pay off is pretty impressive. It has little reflective sparkles throughout it aswell. The lipglosses cost €5.95 each.

flormar backstage lipgloss

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The other lip product is one of their Revolution lipsticks in the shade ‘Provocative Orange’.

flormar revoloution lipstick

I love the packaging of these 🙂

flormar revolution lipstick provocative orange

And the pay off isn’t bad either, in fact it’s pretty bloody good.

beauty blog lipstick swatch

This has a really soft texture to it and went on no problems at all. The colour is also pretty gorge too right? The Flormar Revolution Lipsticks will cost us €6.95.

Finally in our goodie bag, there was Jelly Look nail enamel.

flormar jelly look nail polish

flormar nail polishThis is in the colour Turquoise Green, I love it. There’s plenty of colours in the nail polish range to choose from though so don’t worry 🙂

I just swatched it quickly on one of my nails. This is two coats and no top coat applied.

beautynook beauty blog

It applied easy enough and I love the long handle on it, I think it helps with the application. Not sure of a definite price on these but I will add it in as soon as I know.

Overall, I’m actually pretty impressed with what I have seen of the Flormar brand. I think it will be a welcome addition to our ‘drugstore’ makeup brand selection.

What do you think? Have you used the brand before? Let me know.