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We were so fortunate to be invited to the very swanky Merrion Hotel for a breakfast preview of the Liz Earle Christmas launch, but also the unveiling of the Liz Earle Rose Pelargonium Necklace created by Boodles.

I have been a fan for a long time now.  I think I  have gone through all of the skincare products in the brand over the years, and although we switch and change we still come back to Liz Earle one way or another.

So firstly, in the beautiful surroundings of The Merrion Hotel we got to see what Liz Earle has in store for Christmas 2014. The room was filled with flowers and white rose petals adorned the tables presenting their Christmas treats.

Botanicals in the snow

The theme this Christmas is “Botanicals In The Snow”, very fitting indeed.

Every year they bring out a slightly different formulated version of their Cleanse and Polish.

C&P_Sweet_Orange_and_Mint_Limited_Edition (2)

This year it is infused with Sweet Orange and Mint (it smells amazing) and how beautiful is the packaging? This is priced at 23.50euro.

They also do the normal Cleanse & Polish in a gorgeous drum so if you are buying it for a loved one…it is already presented perfectly for gifting 🙂 This 50 ml is 10.75euro.

C&P_50ml_Christmas_Edition (2)

They have these really cute “Christmas Star Beauty Treats”, one contains a nail polish (9.00euro)

Christmas_Star_Beauty_Treat_With_Ebb_Tide_Nail_Colour (2)

And the other a signature Lip Colour (priced at 16.75euro)

Christmas Star Beauty liz Earle

Really cute stocking fillers in really pretty packaging 🙂

On a side note, the room smelled amazing when we walked in the Merrion and it was all thanks to their candle in Eucalyptus and Rosemary, I think this will be on both of our Christmas lists this year, the scent is just so warm and welcoming.

Liz Earle Candle


They also have gift sets to suit everyone and all budgets too. You can get Liz Earle in Boots, Liffey Valley and in Wilde and Green in Milltown.

This event as already mentioned was also to unveil the “Liz Earle Rose Pelargonium Necklace by Boodles”. Boodles is a fine jewellery brand. The Director Jody Wainwright,


collaborated with the gorgeous Liz Earle herself,

Liz Earle

for the charity “Shining Faces” an orphanage in India. It is a cause close to both of their hearts. This necklace will be released in Boodles and Liz Earle stores on the 17th of November with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

boodles1 (2)

When your purchase the necklace, the Liz Earle beauty company also gift you with a beautiful botanical hamper full of goodies.

Liz Earle Pelargonium Necklace by Boodles

The necklace is priced at 1,950euro. It is definitely a splurge item, made of ethically sourced sapphires, rose and white gold. If you are in the market for an investment piece of jewellery, be sure to check it out though. It is for such a lovely cause.


We had a really lovely time at the event and got a little star struck at meeting Liz herself 🙂

Chatterbox and Liz Earle


As always thanks for reading,






Kevyn Aucoin

I have spoken before in passing about my beloved Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium, but I really think it deserves it own blog post!

I have not been blessed with anything angular on my face (or anywhere for that matter). I know contouring is not a necessity in everyday life, it is a complete choice, and for me it’s a choice I make everyday. I have tried many different products for the “chiselling” process and to date the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder has been the best one I have personally used. Now, I will say I only use this in the cheek bone department, I tend to use bronzer around the perimeter of my face, this is just what I feel comfortable doing. If I am dolling up for a night out, then I may put some under the double chin region to help it look less…well double chin like but that would only be if I’m really packing on the face!

The Sculpting Powder really is a luxury item, this set me back just under 42.00 euro from Mise Beauty, madness I know as it’s nearly the size of an eyeshadow, 3.10grams to be exact.

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder


However, I have had this for maybe 6 months, have used it everyday and there is just barely a dint in it.

This powder, unlike alot of bronzers on the market has no red tones to it at all, it has a grey undertone. This makes it perfect for contouring, particularly I think for pale gals like myself. The purpose of contouring is to create a shadow like appearance wherever you add it to the face tricking the eye and making your features appear slimmer or more angular, as highlighting is used to enhance features you want to draw more attention too.

This little box is magic, it contains the softest and most pigmented powder ever, you need such a light hand with it. It blends so beautifully and can be built upon depending on how much cheek bone you are going for 🙂

Kevyn Aucoin Scultpting Powder Swatch

I tend to use a a dense small brush with it. It is not for warming up the face, use your bronzer for that. I have been enjoying using the Nima Brush called “Blaithin” from their Artistic Collection to apply it of late, as it is tapered at the end, dense but still soft enough to blend the product in. And less face it, it’s pretty too 🙂

I do the well known “fishy face” in the mirror to myself and that shows me where my “cheekbones” are, then I add a little of the product directly under the bone concentrating most of at my ear and bringing the brush out, not too far though, I stop just around where my nostril is. Then I blend, the cardinal rule of makeup. The Sculpting Powder doesn’t disappear from blending it just gets more faint and natural looking. Add as much as you want, I usually just add a little for day to day.

Gem Chatterbox Contouring

Gem Contouring


And I can safely say that it lasts the whole day, it’s not something I would every bring with me in my handbag unless I was going to redo my whole makeup.

Before Contouring

Before Contouring

After Light Contouring

After Light Contouring

It’s an investment I know, but I think after buying it and using it for a long time, it was worth it.

What do use for contouring, be sure to let me know, there could be lots of hidden gems out there 🙂







Soooooo…I bought some stuff to make my mid week a little easier (any excuse). Want to see?

First up I hit H&M for some accessories, god I love their accessories! And they are so reasonably priced.

H&M earring and rings

I picked up some fab gold sparkly earrings, and some gold rings that you can wear together on one hand or on their own whichever you prefer. I love the chunky look so I plan on wearing them together.

Then I popped into Boots for some essentials.

First up for me was the Soap & Glory stand.

Soap & Glory Orangeasm

I can never be without the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash range. It smells like an ice cream coke float and I love it! Boots were doing 3 for 2 on skincare so I picked up the tried and tested Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion. I have spoken about this before, you use it on wet skin and let it sink in before you dry, aswell as the newly released body wash Orangeasm. Cannot wait to give this a go!

Another essential was some face wipes. Now I don’t use face wipes every day, but they are so handy to have there if you have gotten in late and want to get your makeup off fast, or if you went heavy with the eye makeup and your cleanser or face wash needs some help.


So I picked up the Botanics All Bright cleansing wipes. I have used and really liked the face wash from this range, so excited to see if the wipes are any good.

As I was walking by the Rimmel stand in Boots, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of new additions. So for research purposes of course I had to pick them up 🙂

I got the Rimmel Pop Art Top Coat polish from the Rita Ora range.

Rimmel Pop Art!Rimmel Rita Ora

I thought this looked so cute and fun for an accent nail with a corresponding colour.

I got the new Rimmel Provocalips lip colour too in the shade 200 “I’ll Call You”.

Rimmel ProvocalipsRimmel 200 I'll Call You

These are a dual ended product. The colour is on one end and then there is a “lock and shine” gloss on the other end to add on top.

IMG_3913I love this dusky rose shade. I think it’s perfect for Autumn.

Because I spent over 12 euro on Rimmel, I got the Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara for free.Lash Accelelerator EndlessRimmel Mascara

I have never tried it before, so excited to give this a go.

As I have no self control, I then popped along to The Cosmetics Outlet to see what bargains Paul had stocked on the shelves. Another Rimmel product was purchased!

Rimmel Moisture Renew 320Rimmel Funtime Fuschia

One of their tried and trusted Moisture Renew Lipsticks. I picked up the shade 320 Funtime Fuchsia.

Rimmel Swatch

I then picked up the L’Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum…that’s a mouthful!

L'Oreal Skin perfection Advanced Correcting Serum

I have been wanting to try this for a while. Paul had it in stock so it had to be bought.


This serum is supposed to help with the appearance of pores, something which I suffer from. I will give it a go for a while and report back.

Last but not least Paul was kind enough to give myself a set of his Madison Brushes to try.


These are natural haired brushes that he developed himself and are exclusively sold in The Cosmetics Outlet.


Cosmetics Outlet

In the set you get:

  • A lip brush
  • Small shadow brush
  • Angle shadow brush
  • Eye shadow Brush
  • Stippling Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Powder Brush

The set also comes in a handy brush bag for easy transportation

Madison Brush Roll

So there you have it, another mid week haul to get your shopping juices flowing.


Thanks for reading. Be sure to let me know if you’ve bought anything nice recently 🙂





At Home Manicure with Chatterbox (12)

I studied beauty therapy, so have qualifications in nails,waxing, makeup, facials the works. I don’t think I ever wanted to be a therapist deep down. I just loved learning about the beauty industry and what goes into it. Blogging about it is much more up my alley 😉  So, I don’t really do beauty treatments on other people (unless they beg), but of course I can still use my trade on myself, and doing my nails is one of my favourite things to do.

The brand name Kiss for me has always been synonymous with nail care. They have been in the industry a long time and are available in pharmacies, stores and Boots nationwide. The Kiss brand also own Broadway nails. Everything across the brand is very reasonably priced which is great.

So on a lazy evening I like to give myself a little at home manicure and of late it’s being going a little something like this…


My nails are painted 90% of the time, I don’t feel totally put together without it. Before I begin, I take the old polish off and am left with clean bare nails. My nails grow quickly and I don’t like them too long so I take this time to shape and shorten them and make sure they are snag free. *Tip* Always file your nails in one direction, use the file in swipe motions across the tip of the nail, going back and forth can make the nails brittle. Shape them in the way you feel comfortable, for me that’s squared, but it’s a completely personal choice. If you have any lumps or bumps on your actual nails, you can buff the top of the nail very softly to even them out but be sure not to over do it.

Next up, tacking the cuticles.

Kiss No More Cuticle

I can get completely carried away with this step and nipping any loose skin around my nail bed. This can lead to bleeding and even more hard skin. The Kiss No More Cuticles Cuticle Remover is a god send for this task. It dissolves any excess cuticle without a nippers in sight.

At Home Manicure with Chatterbox (2)At Home Manicure with Chatterbox (3)

You just add some of the liquid around the cuticle, wait 15-30 seconds and then push the cuticle gently back with an orange stick or whatever rounded tool you have to hand. The cuticle remover contains potassium hydroxide, which breaks down and softens the dead skin. Be sure to wash your nails and hands really well after using it.

You should hopefully have clean dry nails now, ready for painting. I am a huge advocate for using a top coat and a base coat. The base coat will protect your nails from discoloration from the nail polish as well as giving you a nice smooth base to add it on top of. Then, the top coat with make your nails lovely and shiny (or matte if you use a matte one) as well as protecting the polish, adding endurance to your nails and simply helping your manicure last longer. If you don’t do it generally, give it a try and I promise you will always do these steps. You can invest in a decent top and base coat for not alot of money and they will last you for a long time.


Your base coat depends on your type of nail. For example, if you have ridged nails use a ridge filling base to smooth your nails and the colour you choose to go on top will look and feel smoother. It will also help strengthen your nails.

I have been using the Kiss Vita Strength Top and Base Coat. It applies smoothly, dries quickly and is cheap which is even better! It multi tasks as a top coat too if you want to simplify things even more.

Kiss Vita StrengthKiss Vita Top and Base Coat

I apply one coat of this, wait for it to dry and then it’s time for colour, my favourite part 🙂

At Home Manicure with Chatterbox (6)


I chose this pink polish by Seventeen in the colour “Pink Flamingo” in aid of  breast cancer awareness, a cause very close to my heart. You you can text Pink to 50300 and donate 4euro to the Irish Cancer Society. To spread Pink awareness be sure to #PINKPICS to @irishcancersoc if you are rocking something pink in October in honour of someone you know that has battled or lost their battle with the disease. We can make a difference 🙂

At Home Manicure with Chatterbox (7)

I applied one coat, let it dry, then added another one to make the colour nice and opaque. Be sure to keep the coats as thin as you can, or it will take forever to dry. You can always add another coat, if you need it. *Tip* Use the least amount of strokes you can when applying your polish, and paint it across the tip of your nail too, it will help it last longer as it leaves no gap between your nail and the polish.

Seventeen Gel Nail Polish

Seventeen Pink Flamingo

Let it dry for about 10 minutes and then it’s time for a top coat.

I have using the Kiss Glass Shine Top Coat. It’s a nice glossy top coat, that moves easily. I know that sounds a bit weird, but my favourite type of top coat is a little more runny than your coloured polish, as it means you don’t have to work with it too much on top of the nail, it spreads easily and does the work for you.

Kiss Glass Shine

At Home Manicure with Chatterbox (17)

Then it’s time to sit back and do nothing for as long as you can to give all your hard work a chance to set. It’s difficult I know but you’ve come so far don’t give up on me now 🙂

I cheat a little and use a nail drying spray to help the polishes on their way a little.

At Home Manicure with Chatterbox (11)

This one is as cheap as chips from Dealz (1.49euro) and does the job of making your nails a little less tacky to the touch.

Always try to use a cuticle cream and hand cream to keep your hands and nails supple and soft, use as often as you can. I keep one in my handbag, in the bathroom and on my bedside table so there is one always there when I need it.

I keep the Kiss All Over Hydrating Balm in my handbag, its so small, handy and is really nourishing.

Kiss All Over Hydrating BalmAt Home Manicure with Chatterbox (10)

That was easy wasn’t it?

The lovely people at Chic Treat had Kiss products in their August box. What were you lucky enough to get in yours? 🙂

Of course, you don’t have to use all of these steps all of the time, but it’s good to look after your hands when you can. They will thank you as you get older.


Thanks for reading.










Brush Review

Long hair means tangles. Wet long hair equals disaster! I have flashbacks of my mam trying to get all of my hair into a pony tail in the mornings before school, my eyes still water at the thought.

As a grown up, and brusher of my own barnet, the Tangle Teezer has been my go to brush for a long time now, I’ve been through 4 or 5 of them in my life.

Tangle Teezer


It’s basically a hollow plastic brush with different sized plastic bristles that you hold in the palm of your hand and it gets through the knots in your hair with, ease wet or dry. You can get them in different sizes, different colours and different textures, and are easy to avail of in Boots, other pharmacies, or Sally’s Salon Services.


So then onto a similar item that is much newer to me, The Wet Brush. I have heard alot about this brush online. I know America loves it, so if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us right?

The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush


You can see this looks more like a traditional brush. It’s light in your hand with plastic casing, bristles and handle. Like the Tangle Teezer, The Wet Brush comes in different shapes colours and sizes. For example you can buy a paddle version of the brush if you have a lot of unruly hair to get through. It glides through knotted hair painlessly and without too much effort. Adults and children alike will be happy about that 🙂


I like both of these brushes. They both do their job and do it well. I think the buying decision comes down to preference. I feel like I am cheating on my beloved Tangle Teezer ( I kind of am). But for me, I think The Wet Brush comes out on top. I am old fashioned and I like the way it has a handle first and foremost, it just feels more comfortable in your hand. I have alot of hair and I shed like a dog…attractive I know, I get alot of fall out. But I did notice after using both brushes for a good period of time when comparing them, there was less hair left over in The Wet Brush than in the Tangle Teezer. This makes The Wet Brush the winner in my books!

The PR company never got back to me with a list of stockists, but people on our Facebook page have told me you can get it in Terrisales and I know it is in Sally’s too. Keep an eye out though, it won’t be long until it is stocked everywhere.


Which one would you choose?






Gem's August Faves

Yep, it’s August Favourites time, holy moly, it’s nearly Christmas!! A bit premature I know but I loves Christmas so any excuse to talk about it and I will 🙂

Ok, back to the topic in hand sorry for getting distracted…it happens very easily. Anita did her August faves here, be sure to check them out.


I have a couple of new skincare faves in the month of August. Pixi’s Glow Tonic is one of them.

Pixi Glow Tonic


This toner contains ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera, ginseng and glycolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. It is also meant to help with toning and firming. I think this has really helped with the texture of my skin, without completely drying it out. I am super oily so I would spend my days over exfoliating thinking this would help, it doesn’t. It just ends up dehydrating my skin and making it harder to manage. I feel this toner is gentle enough to use everyday and clears pores without completely stripping the natural oils away. I am really enjoying using it. I picked this up from Mise Beauty for 20 Euro.

Another skin fave, which is on a completely different price spectrum. I admit, I did not purchase this, it was in a goody bag I received. You can find it in Space NK or Feel Unique stock it too. It’s in and around 165 Euro to buy, holy crap! I can’t say I would pay this money for it to be honest, but I have been enjoying using it.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma

This is the Perricone MD Cold Plasma. It’s suitable for all skin types. I think it’s more marketed towards being an anti ageing, and I do feel like it plumps your skin up (although I’m pretty plump already 🙂 ). It also helps with enlarged pores though which is something I suffer from and I feel like it’s doing something slowly but surely for me, without filling in the pores and giving me more blackheads and whiteheads which can happen to me with rich moisturisers.  It has a funny nearly jelly like consistency and gets a layer on the top of the cream which is odd, and the smell is not very pleasant.


They’re are rave reviews about the Cold Plasma online, so I am going to keep using it and see if I can look ten years younger by the end of the pot. You’d want to for that dosh!


I know it’s a bit ridic for me to be claiming love for a fragrance when I have it only less than a week, but I think with a perfume when you know you know… I also bought it at the beginning of September so I’m technically cheating but I’m a tad obsessed.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt


This is the newest Jo Malone Cologne in Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I know it doesn’t sound very inviting, but bare with me and give it a sniff the next time you are in Brown Thomas . I won’t dare try to describe it, but I’ll just say if you like musky but still sweet fragrances you will love this. It’s the perfect Winter scent and it makes me happy just sniffing it. I think it will become a regular in my perfume line up 🙂


I have a makeup fave next.

Sleek eau la la liners

These are the Eau la la Liners by Sleek Makeup. We speak a stupid amount about Sleek on Chatterbox I know, but it’s a bloody good affordable brand, we need to shout it from the rooftops! These liners can be used as eye or lip liners and come in an abundance of shades. I always think “drugstore brands” lack in the lip liner department and just do the basic colours, but Sleek have you covered! They are creamy, pigmented, soft and long lasting, what more can I say to sell you on them, oh yeh they’re 5.99 Euro and you can get them online, from Mise Beauty and Boots Liffey Valley and Blanchardstown. I want them all!

My next fave is not a new thing to me at all, in fact I have been using them for years, but I thought I lost it at the start of the month and I was traumatised.


Turns out it was only hiding from me! This is my newest Tweezerman Tweezers. I have had a few over the years. They are hands down the best tweezers I have ever used and it took “losing” it to realise how brilliant and nimble it is. I have stubborn coarse eyebrow hair and this thing just gets them out in record time with the least amount of pain. I never want to be without again.

I came across these Invisibobbles at the Ultimate Girls Day Out event in the RDS mid August. The Essential Salon Supplies booth had them. They intrigued me so I had to grab some and check them out.


Let’s begin with, I know they’re not invisible 🙂 But these weird phone wire looking plastic bobbles, grip and hold your hair in place without pulling or loosening on your hair. They don’t give you a headache from being too tight and they are comfortable to wear in bed which is what I use them for primarily. Sometimes I pop my hair in a bun with one when it’s damp, and the next morning I’m left with a kink in my hair which I’m quite fond of.

Ok last favourite from me this month, the Elf Daily Brush Cleanser.

Elf Daily Brush Cleanser

I literally have this for god knows how long tucked away in a drawer collecting dust. I just forgot about it. It’s so important to clean your makeup brushes. Like everyone I don’t always remember to deep clean them and then I run out of clean ones and  I have to clean them all together. It’s a boring job that I don’t think anyone enjoys. Something like the Elf Cleanser is great to have because it is anti bacterial so after you use a brush you can spray it and wipe it clean in a tissue so it’s clean and germ free for your next application. The brush dries much quicker so you don’t have to wait around like you do when you deep clean them. It’s great for that in between stage before your big clean is due, and Elf is so affordable AND this stuff smells great too which is an added bonus 🙂

So there you go, some of my loves from the month of July. I know I cheated a little with the perfume, don’t judge me too much.

As always thanks for reading and have a fantastical September.