Nope, I definitely didn’t need it! But, I got it anyways. This is the Mac Fruity Juicy ‘Oh My Passion’ Pearlmatte Face Powder! Isn’t she a beauty?

Mac Fruity Juicy

To be completely honest, I bought this completely based on how it looks in the pan. That is the most makeup addicted thing I have ever said, and I am completely OK with it 🙂

mac cosmetics

According to the Brown Thomas website the Mac Fruity Juicy ‘Oh My Passion’ Powder is: ‘A unique face powder featuring a flirty flower pattern pressed into it. Pearlized and satin shades feature a rich texture, velvet finish. Can be used as a blush and highlighter. (Also suitable for eye area.) Limited edition. Special packaging with tropical fruit and floral print.’ They had me at flirty flower pattern, ha!

I must admit, I do hate the name of this collection, it just makes me think of chewing gum. The packaging definitely saves it for me though.

irish beauty blogoh my passion pearlmatte powdertop irish beauty blog

There is four shades within this powder. The flowers are light yellow gold shimmer, lilac and coral. And then, then what seems to be a leaf motif in the middle is a shimmery bronze shade.

irish beauty blogger

Here they are swatched individually with and without the flash:

beauty blogger
top irish beauty blog

Then, here they are all swirled together and applied to the skin pictured with and without the flash on:

beauty blog ireland
top irish beauty blogger

All of the shades alone have a shimmer to them and apply really smoothly and opaquely to the skin. Mixed together you get a really pretty iridescent peach shade.

When I saw the Mac Fruity Juicy ‘Oh My Passion’ powder first, I thought it would probably be too dark for my pale skin. Also, the shades are quite cumbersome to use alone. You need to use a pretty small brush. It can be done though. And they are designed to use on the eyes too. However, I really like the peach sheen you get from all the colours together, so that is probably how I will use it myself personally.

top irish beauty bloggerbeauty blog

I picked up my Mac Fruity Juicy ‘Oh My Passion’ powder in store from the new Arnotts Mac counter. They don’t sell the brand online though, so here is a link to it from Brown Thomas if you like what you see. It costs €31.50.

Did you pick up anything from the collection?


Clarins are releasing some awesome products at the moment. You know how enamored I am with their 4 Colour All In One Pen. I did a post on it here a little while ago. Another one of their limited edition releases is a Face Contour Palette. This is their first one.

Clarins Face Contour Palette

It contains 3 shades. A highlight, a contour and a blush colour.

clarins contouring palette

The packaging is beautiful. The powders are packaged in a very swish gold palette.

irish beauty blog
irish beauty blogger
clarins ireland


And a large mirror is always welcome too.

top irish beauty blog

It also comes with it’s own mini contouring brush.

beauty blog ireland
clarins makeup
beauty blogger ireland

The natural hair brush is super soft and actually super functional. It works really well at applying the product. The angled shape makes it great for applying contour, but it’s wide enough that you can blend out with it too.

Here are all three colours swatched side by side on my arm, just to give an idea of the finish and the pigmentation. They are enriched with plant extracts that are supposed to help nourish the skin. As well as Clarins own Anti-Pollution Complex.

top irish beauty blogger

All the powders are soft and pigmented. The highlighter is not what you would expect. It’s matte for a start! Clarins say use to enhance the face rather than add glow. Like under your eyes, the chin and the middle of the forehead.

The contour powder is quite warm toned.

beauty blog
beauty blogger
beauty blogger
top irish beauty site

For me, although the powder is lovely and blends really nicely. It doesn’t work as a contour. I much prefer using as a matte bronzer around the perimeter of my face to warm up my complexion.

The blush is pink toned with a satin finish. It’s a nice universal colour, that I think would work on a lot of skin tones.

irish beauty website
top beauty blogger ireland

Overall, I think the Clarins Face Contour Palette is nice. It is always nice to have multi functioning products under a pretty roof. The powders are really good quality, they are packaged beautifully and the brush is really functional. The highlight shade for me, works better as a setting powder and the contour shade as a bronzer. If you are looking to use it for their stated purposes however, it might not be the palette for you.

It is available in all stockists now. You can buy it from Boots online here. It will set you back €47 for 13.8 grams of product, along with the accompanying brush.

xxx                                       ****PR SAMPLE****


I did it! I couldn’t resist ordering a peeling blackhead mask!

asian skincare

I’ve seen so much talk about these online over the last while. Every time I scroll through Facebook or Instagram, someone is peeling one off their faces. Now I am very aware that they may not be good for your skin, or they may damage it. But, I thought I would take one for the team and give it a bash. I’m nice like that 🙂 And let’s be honest, I am a nosey sod and really just wanted to see if it actually did anything by trying it myself.

The peeling blackhead mask I ended up getting was just the cheapest one that popped up when I typed it into eBay. I’ll leave you the link here, so you can see what the seller says about it. Do not take this as enabling, I do not want to be responsible for anything bad happening your skin!!

blackhead mask

blackhead mask
peeling blackhead mask
Obviously, I talk about it more in the video above (or you can click directly to YouTube here to watch), so I won’t bore you with details. But actually, there isn’t many. It doesn’t come with instructions or anything so I pretty much just winged the process.

irish beauty blog

The video mostly consists of peeling the blackhead mask off, so if you’re squimish, beware!

I managed to get it off in one piece. This is the mask after I pulled it off my skin:

top irish beauty blogger
top irish beauty blogger
top irish beauty blog

John reckons it looks like something out of 50 Shades of Grey, I reckon it just looks gross 🙂

On a side note after taking the mask off a few hours ago, my skin feels pretty good. I didn’t have any irritation from it personally. I am not really one to have allergic reactions very often. That is definitely something to keep in mind.

I quite enjoyed making this video, so be sure to let me know what you think? And tell me, would you try it?

Thank you, as always.



Since Colourpop have begun shipping to Ireland, I have made three orders from their website. The shipping is pretty expensive, I know. They do free shipping every so often though and the products themselves are pretty cheap. I try to keep my orders below the tax threshold of €25 which is a pain in the bum. But sure look I won’t complain 🙂 I have four shadows in my collection at the moment, but I thought I could update this post as I add to my collection. So, here is my Colourpop eyeshadows, so far 🙂

my colourpop eyeshadows

Three of them definitely fall into a similar colour wheel and then there’s a wild card in there for good measure.

my colourpop eyeshadows

Their powder products have the most unusual texture that I’ve spoken about before. The formula feels wet and spongy to the touch. They come in a screw top container so they don’t dry out.

colourpop eyeshadows

The four Colourpop eyeshadows I own are soft and pigmented. The metallic ones are my preferred texture and finish out of the bunch. You get the best application from all of them when you apply with your fingertips. You can apply with a brush, it just takes a bit more work and building up.

First up we have ‘LaLa’. This is a rose gold metallic shadow. It’s probably my favourite and most used out of all four I own.

colourpop cosmetics
colourpop eyeshadow ireland
beauty blogger

My next favourite would be ‘Gameface’. This is a warm toned metallic bronze.

colourpop cosmetics
colourpop ireland
beauty blog


Third in my collection is ‘Elixir’, the only true matte of the bunch. It’s a warm terracotta colour.

irish beauty blog
irish beauty blogger
irish beauty blog site

Then last I have ‘Envy’. This was a really random choice for me. It’s a matte black with flecks of purple glitter running through it. Not an everyday pick, but I’m sure it will come in handy, someday 🙂

beauty blog ireland
beauty blogger ireland
top irish beauty blog

And that’s all my Colourpop eyeshadows, for now 🙂 You can shop all of their products on the website here.





Another month another bundle of random products and things. Yep, it’s time for my August favourites for 2016 🙂 Summer is just about to come to an end. I am completely ok with Autumn coming, Winter is another story though…bleh!

irish beauty blog beautynook

Anyways…my August Favourites bring a random array of goodies your way. If you are an eagle eyes reader you may notice that there is a makeup brush in my hand in the cover photo. First off well done for noticing 🙂 And also it’s nearly become a tradition for me now to lose chunks of footage from my monthly favourites videos and the brush clip was the unlucky one that just disappeared off of my camera. But, it’s a dual ended blending brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics with the E26 on one end and the E25 on the other. It’s on their website here and I really like it, it’s so handy!

The rest of my favourites look a bit like this.

August Favourites

You can buy the Adidas Superstar runners from JD Sports here. I’m nearly sure John paid €88 for my ones in June for my birthday but the listed price here is €95.

I have a whole post about the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Palette here.

You can buy the Dermalogica Hyrda Blur Primer here.

I have a video about the Garnier Micellar Oil infused Cleansing Water here too.

The Guns n Roses T-shirt is from the men’s department in H&M. I found it on the website here. It’s actually €14.99, I got my pricing wrong, apologies.

And then finally, my random phone ring thing 🙂 I got it from eBay here and I regret nothing :).

August Favourites

So there you have it, if you need anymore info, by all means just ask. You can of course watch the video above on the website or you can watch it directly from youtube by clicking the link here.


I hope you have a healthy and happy September. Thanks as always for the support.



I have here some of the new Essence Autumn/Winter releases for 2016/17.

Essence Autumn/Winter

It’s safe to say Essence have been kicking ass of late and are constantly upping their game with their releases. So, I thought I would bring you through some of the products that are going to be hitting stands soon in the Essence Autumn/Winter Collection.

I’ll start with some of the eye products.

essence cosmetics

We have ‘The Metals’ single eyeshadows.

These come in six colours. I have the shade ‘Frozen Toffee’ to show you here.

These will cost €3.10.

Eye contouring is playing a big part in the Essence Autumn/Winter Collection. We have the Contouring Eyeshadow Set.These are available in 4 colour combos. I have the shade 01 ‘Mauve Meets Marshmallows’ here.

They cost €3.10

There’s a Contouring Eye Pencil too. Essence say it can be used as a liner, eyeshadow or highlighter, and it’s available in two shades. One for darker skin tones, and there’s one for lighter which I have here. It’s called 01 ‘Caramel Meets Frosting’.

They cost €3.10.

There is six shades of the new Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil.

I have the colour 05 ‘Rockin’ Taupe’.

These are said to be waterproof and ultra longlasting. They cost €2.50.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen has a ball-shaped felt tip for creating dots and lines on the eyes.

It costs €3.10.

There is three new mascaras in the Essence Autumn/Winter Collection. I have two of them here to show you.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll XXXL Volume mascara that has long and short fibers within the formula.

And, the False Lashes Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited.

All three mascaras are priced at €3.50.

Up next we have lip products. There’s a bundle to choose from including lip balms and plumping lip glosses.

We also have Matt Matt Matt lipsticks.

irish youtuber

These come in a total of seven colours. The shades I have here are 07 ‘Purple Power’. And, 02 ‘Perfect Match’.

These retail for €2.90, not bad at all!

Essence have also jumped on the matte lipgloss bandwagon with these Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss.

irish makeup blogger

There will be five colours in these. I have here 03 ‘Girl Of Today’. And, 01 ‘LA Vie Est Belle’.

They again cost €2.90.

There’s BB beauty balm Lipglosses that contain vitamin E and shea butter with a subtle hint of colour. There will be five shades in this range. I have 05 ‘Heartbreaker’.

The retail price for these is €2.50.

The final lip product I have is the Essence 2 in 1 lipstick & liner. These are also part of the Matt Matt Matt range and come in three colours. I have the shade 02 ‘Make Some Noise’ here.

You are supposed to be able to define your lip line with these aswell as apply full on colour. They cost €3.10.

The Essence Autumn/Winter Collection has all new face products included too.

There’s the Camouflage 2 in 1 makeup & concealer. This claims to offer long lasting high coverage and provide a matte, flawless finish.

This is the shade 10 ‘Ivory’, there is a total of three to choose from.

The price is €4.80.

Here we have the Get Picture Ready Long Lasting Compact Makeup.

You get a mirror and a sponge inside the compact and the cream to powder texture is meant to be great for on the go. It comes in four shades. This one is in 10 ‘Mat Ivory’. And, it will set you back €4.95.

We have a Get Picture Ready brightening concealer too. Essence say it has light reflecting pigments to help diminish under eye circles. You apply to product with the ball shaped sponge applicator. It comes in two shades. This one is 10 ‘Ivory’, and it costs €3.80.

We also have a Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette with three highlight shades.

It costs €4.95.

There is three Satin Touch Blushes for Autumn/Winter. This is in the shade 10 ‘Satin Coral’.

These will cost €3.10.

Last but not least we have an abundance of new nail products.

essence nail polish

I am a big of The Gel nail polishes so I’m delighted to see Essence adding to the shade range.

top irish beauty blog

I believe these cost €1.99.

The nail care products range from €2.10-2.50 and even includes hand cream and nail stencils!

makeup blog ireland

Phew, so there you have it. Some of the products to expect to see from the Essence Autumn/Winter releases. 🙂 Anything tickle your fancy?

You can see them all listed on the Essence website here.

PS. Shout out to Rosie for all the help with taking the pictures in the garden 🙂