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Myself and John have only gone and vlogged! In the outside world! Well kind of. We went for a spa weekend in Mount Wolseley hotel in Carlow for my birthday.

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Since we bought a fancy vlogging camera a while ago (you can see it in my previous favourites post here). We thought we should put it to good use and film our spa weekend. Now this is a very new medium for me and especially for John although he seems to be more comfortable in front of the camera ha! I am used to just sitting on a chair in a room on my own babbling away about makeup with no one there. This is definitely out of my comfort zone. But, I wanted to challenge myself and I love watching vlogs so wanted to give it a go.

Have a click on the video above or click here to directly watch on my YouTube channel. Obviously, it’s just a chilled weekend in a hotel, so it’s nothing groundbreaking. You can see John’s impressive craft beer selection, that he brought because he couldn’t decide what he wanted 🙂 This picture was amongst the footage, so I thought I would add it in as a tribute to him ha!

spa weekend

My makeup stash:

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And of course the hotel, what we ate and the spa:

spa weekend

We also did a bit of exploring on the way back to Dublin, so that’s in there too.

irish beauty blogger

I wanted a spa weekend for my birthday, but didn’t want to go all out. If money was no object I would have been in Galgorm 🙂 We got a really good deal on Deal Rush for Mount Wolseley. We had a lovely weekend and the staff were super nice, but I can’t say I would recommend it if you were paying full price. Also, the spa is a separate entity within the hotel so you have to pay extra to use the facilities, I thought that was a bit unusual.

We are very new to this so be kind. I would love to hear what you think though and if you like this sort of thing. The beauty talk isn’t going anywhere, this is just hopefully something new to add in to keep things fresh.