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I posted a picture on Facebook of my Rimmel Provocalips I had just gotten and was loving, and you peeps seems to be a tad interested. So, I figured I would do a quick blog post on them in case you were thinking of adding some to your lippie collection in the near future. I was even so dedicated that I went out and bought two more…all in the name of blog research I assure you 🙂

The Provocalips are the next level after the Apocalips from Rimmel. To be honest, I bought a couple of these when they came out, but they didn’t float my boat as much as some of the other offering of liquid lipsticks on the market, so they never made it onto Chatterbox.

The Provocalip however, I am enjoying alot. They are a similar to the Apocalips in theory, but they are less sticky and gunky and easier to wear in my opinion.

I am not  huge fan of the packaging of the Provocalips. This is completely a personal preference, it’s a bit childish and cheap for me, but I don’t mark them down for that as it’s as your mammy always says, it’s what is on the inside that counts.

The product comes in two phases. Step one is colour and step two is the lock & shine.

They both have doe-foot applicators.


The colour part is rich, pigmented and goes on pretty smooth, you can get away with only one layer if you are in a hurry or don’t want the full whack of colour. I myself go for at least two. The colour dries down on your lips pretty quickly and is a bit sticky to the touch but makes your lips feel like they have a mask on too if that makes sense? It’s not the nicest of sensations.

This is when you add the lock & shine. I will say this is a bit messy, the lock & shine is clear and the applicator is white, you will inevitably get the colour on it and ruin the appearance. This doesn’t really bother again as you cannot see through the tube so no one else has to see what you are working with.

Gloss&Lock Rimmel

The lock & shine doesn’t quite offer it’s namesake in my opinion. It locks in the colour, allows your lips to move again after the colour restricting them a bit from drying in. Oh it also smells nice which helps too 🙂 The shine doesn’t last very long, it is like a top coat and wears away quickly. For me, this is perfect, I only crave a really glossy lip once or twice a year. It gives a bit of slip to your lips without being sticky or annoying so that’s great but I would take the word shine with a grain of salt.

Now, your lips are locked and loaded and ready to go, Rimmel says Provocalips are 16 hour lip colours. I have never worn one for 16 hours so I cannot verify this. I will say I have worn them all through a work day, with breakfast and lunch in between and although the colour is not still perfectly there on your lips, it is definitely still there! I’ve made the mistake of brushing my teeth after coming in from work and getting a lovely ring of colour all around the toothbrush head…lovely! On a side note, when I was taking pictures of them on my lips, I had to do each colour on completely separate occasions because once the colour was on it was a nightmare to try get off completely. Thank god I only have three 🙂

So, to show you the colours I have on the lips.

We have the first one I bought.

200 “I’ll Call You”

Rimmel Provocalips-Chatterbox (5)200 I'll Call You

I'll Call you

Swatch 200 I'll Call You Provocalips

Then, the other two I bought together.

310 “Little Minx”

310 Little Minx

Little MinxSwatch Provocalips 310 Little MinxProvocalips Little Minx

500 “Kiss Me You Fool”

500 Kiss me you foolRimmel Provocalips 500swatch 500 Kiss Me You Fool500 Kiss Me You Fool


Nice no?

I apologise to all of you nude lip fans out there, there was two of them in the Provocalip collection (that I could see on the shelf), but nude lips really don’t suit me most of the time, so I picked up the ones I would get the most use out of, the dusky pink, the blue tone hot pink and of course the red.

I bought the Provocalips in Boots. They do not seem to have them on the Irish Boots site yet, but in store they are 8.99euro. A pretty mid range price in my opinion.

So what do we think of them? Do they wet your whistle at all? Be sure to let me know.

And if there is anything else, you would like me to review or any feedback at all, leave us a comment down below, I love to chat 🙂