Nyx Lid Lingerie

There has been a lot of hype around the new Nyx Lid Lingerie Eye Tints. Well, to be fair I think there’s major hype whenever Nyx bring out a new product.

Nyx Lid Lingerie

They’ve already of course released Lip Lingeries which is a range of nude liquid lipsticks. From the name, I would assume these are meant to be an extension of the nude ‘lingerie’ theme. Within the 12 shades available to us here in the range, the majority is nude-ish, although there are some jewel tones aswell.Nyx Lid Lingerie

It was actually some makeup fiends on Snapchat that made me buy a couple of the Nyx Lid Lingerie Eye Tints. Yes I am blaming you. I took a snap of the stand in Boots and a couple of you were very intrigued. So, I took one from the team and picked up two 🙂

Nyx Lid Lingerie

The first one is ‘Rose Pearl’.
beauty blog ireland
beauty blogger ireland
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It’s a light shimmery rose gold shade.

Here it is applied to the eyes. It’s a great easy everyday shade applied sheer to the lids.

irish beauty blog

irish beauty blogger

Then, the second one ‘Night Glow’.
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A dark shimmery taupe. I actually used this in my latest get ready with me video here.

Here it is in action on the eyes:

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I really like the formula of these. It’s has a mousse like texture and goes onto the skin quite wet. But it does dry down and sets to a powdery finish. You do have to work quickly with them because when they do set they really don’t budge.

You can apply them sheer or they do layer up really nicely aswell. You can get a nice metallic look with them with a couple of layers. I have oily eyelids so I was very skeptical about how they would last on me. But I can confidently say after wearing them a few times with an eyeshadow primer underneath, I can wear them on their own all day with no problems at all. They do make for a lovely powder eyeshadow base too though.

Overall, I’m a fan of the Nyx Lid Lingerie Eye Tints. Don’t really get the Lingerie part but sure I can see past it because they’re pretty 🙂

You can get them in Boots in store or online here and they will set you back €9.