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Today’s tale children is one of sorrow and woe 🙁 . I actually put my name down at the Nars counter in Brown Thomas for the latest limited edition offering from Nars “The Narsissist Palette”to be sure we got my hands on it. I got the call and high tailed it down when it was in stock and adopted it gladly for a surprising price tag of 55Euro. I thought this was pretty reasonable for Nars considering you get 15 shades in the palette and a single eyeshadow of theirs can set you back 24 quid.

 Narsissist Palette

The Palette itself looks amazing in the typical Nars black packaging. A large mirror in the lid, and a multitude of neutral colours inside that any makeup lover would love. The shade names and explanation of the colours are as follows:

  • All About Eve I :Flesh coloured neutral
  • Madrague II : Caramel matte colour
  • Fez : Cocoa Colour
  • Bali :Neutral Colour
  • Coconut Grove : Deep brown
  • Madarague I : Cream Matte
  • Nepal : Sheer rose colour
  • Ashes to Ashes : Shimmery brown with a violet base
  • Brousse II : Violet
  • Mekong : Espresso shade with gold flecks
  • Belissima I : Beige with gold shimmer
  • Lhasa : Lavender Grey
  • Bad Behaviour : Pewter Colour
  • Dogon II : Black Charcoal
  • Pandora II : Matte Black

Narsissist palette swatches

These colours in the packaging look amazing and some are even sold as separate colours in the permanent line (Coconut Grove is a cult fave). But this palette as a whole is so disappointing. Alot of the colours are very wishy washy (Belissima I is a particular one of these). The matte black is matte and black and does what it’s supposed to do, but you can get that in any palette or pan and be happy with it rather than having to fork out for this palette. Colours like Ashes to Ashes and Nepal are impossible to blend and just end up looking like dirt on the eye if you want to do anything other than wear them as a lid colour or dare to blend them into a crease colour.

Alot of the colours are quite sheer as you may see above from my crude swatches, so maybe if you are new to makeup this might be a good palette as the colours are not too scary and the more pigmented ones would work for liners until you are brave enough to use them as full on lid colours 🙂 To be honest though there are way better alternatives on the market. The Naked Palettes from Urban Decay kick the Narsissist Palettes arse!

To say I am unhappy to have bought this would be a lie, but I am coming at you from the perspective that it means I can give you an honest opinion about it. It also means this palette can be added to my ever growing makeup collection…come on its limited edition I’m not going to throw it out :).

So there you have it a rather disappointing buy from Nars, I don’t think I will say this very often, well I hope I don’t, cos it ain’t cheap!

Thanks for reading guys. If anyone else has purchased this and wants to give their two cents by all means write it in the comments below.