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I am a huge Inglot fan. The pigment, the colour choices, I could go on and on. I think the choice can be over whelming sometimes. So, I put together my five favourite Freedom System Inglot blush colours to swatch and show in hopes it might help if any of you are in the market. The great thing about the Freedom System is they are magnetic separate pans that you can buy on their own, you can buy an Inglot palette to put them in or you add them to a zpalette too. The blushes come in 18 shades so plenty to choose from and they retail for €9.

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My first choice is number 20.

irish beauty blog beautynookinglot freedom system blushThis is a matte pink shade. It’s really lovely on light to medium skin tones.

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My second pick is number 29.

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This is a matte peachy terracotta shade. I think a colour like this is great to have in your collection. Not all blushes have to be pink 🙂 It can warm up any look and looks great on the eyes too.

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My third choice is number 38.

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Number 38 is a slightly deeper pink shade than number 20 with a shimmer running through it. I wear this alot during the summer.

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My fourth Inglot blush choice is number 27.

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Number 27 is a matte mauvey pink shade. A mauve blush is always good to have around. It adds colour to the skin without taking away from a bold eye or lip.

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The last colour choice is number 28.

makeup and beauty blogbeautynook beauty blogIf number 27 above has to much pink in it number 28 is for you, it’s a full on matte mauve. If I can’t decide on a colour I reach for this because it’s just so darn easy! It’s the most ‘natural’ shade of blush.

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Any of them take your fancy? Do you have any favourites yourself? Be sure to let me know 🙂