Mary-Lou Manizer the Balm

I have put off writing about Mary-Lou Manizer, even though I have her in my possession a long time now. I felt like she was well represented in the blogging community. Everyone was writing about her and rightly so! She deserves to be talked about in loving tones 🙂

This is why now I am choosing to add my little blogpost to the pile.

Mary-Lou Manizer the BalmMary-Lou Manizer has reached cult status, and most makeup lovers own and love her (yes I am calling her a her 🙂 Just in case you haven’t come across her though I felt like it was my duty as a blogger to share her with you.


Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm is of course a powder highlighter.

irish beauty blog beautynook

It is buttery, it is smooth and it is beautiful!

beautynook beauty blog

It is a light champagne colour, so it’s great for paleys like myself. Although it looks sparkly in the pan, it translates onto the skin as a shine rather than glitter, so don’t let that deter you.

irish beauty blog

beauty blog

Here it is blended into the skin

Depending on how you apply it, you can get a subtle glow from it or you can go all out and shine so much, the aliens in space can see you 🙂

mary-lou manizer swatch

irish beauty blog review mary-lou manizerIt is also the perfect inner corner highlight to finish off an eye look, to make your eyes pop. AND it is lovely used all over the lid aswell (multifunctional don’t ya know 🙂 )

irish beauty blog review the balmAnd it works great over the upper lip to create the illusion of a bigger one. I love this trick as my lips are definitely not symmetrical.

irish beauty blog beautynook review mary-lou manizer the balmI have oily skin and tend to create my own glow as the day wears on, so I powder pretty heavily. I hate my skin to look flat and powdery though. A wash of Mary-Lou sorts that right out for me and helps gives my face a bit of life and dimension. It lasts really well on my skin too, which is such a bonus, as I feel alot of highlighters I have tried through the years tend to just soak into after a couple of hours and disappear.

If you are a makeup fan, you need Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm in your life, I think the product speaks for itself, right?

Cloud10 Beauty stock the Balm. You can get Mary-Lou Manizer here and it will set you back €20.50



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