Mac Fruity Juicy

Nope, I definitely didn’t need it! But, I got it anyways. This is the Mac Fruity Juicy ‘Oh My Passion’ Pearlmatte Face Powder! Isn’t she a beauty?

Mac Fruity Juicy

To be completely honest, I bought this completely based on how it looks in the pan. That is the most makeup addicted thing I have ever said, and I am completely OK with it 🙂

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According to the Brown Thomas website the Mac Fruity Juicy ‘Oh My Passion’ Powder is: ‘A unique face powder featuring a flirty flower pattern pressed into it. Pearlized and satin shades feature a rich texture, velvet finish. Can be used as a blush and highlighter. (Also suitable for eye area.) Limited edition. Special packaging with tropical fruit and floral print.’ They had me at flirty flower pattern, ha!

I must admit, I do hate the name of this collection, it just makes me think of chewing gum. The packaging definitely saves it for me though.

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There is four shades within this powder. The flowers are light yellow gold shimmer, lilac and coral. And then, then what seems to be a leaf motif in the middle is a shimmery bronze shade.

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Here they are swatched individually with and without the flash:

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Then, here they are all swirled together and applied to the skin pictured with and without the flash on:

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All of the shades alone have a shimmer to them and apply really smoothly and opaquely to the skin. Mixed together you get a really pretty iridescent peach shade.

When I saw the Mac Fruity Juicy ‘Oh My Passion’ powder first, I thought it would probably be too dark for my pale skin. Also, the shades are quite cumbersome to use alone. You need to use a pretty small brush. It can be done though. And they are designed to use on the eyes too. However, I really like the peach sheen you get from all the colours together, so that is probably how I will use it myself personally.

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I picked up my Mac Fruity Juicy ‘Oh My Passion’ powder in store from the new Arnotts Mac counter. They don’t sell the brand online though, so here is a link to it from Brown Thomas if you like what you see. It costs €31.50.

Did you pick up anything from the collection?