Mac Eyeshadows My Most Used

Mac Eyeshadows My Most Used

I stopped buying Mac Eyeshadows for a long time, It wasn’t a matter of not liking them. It was a matter of the price. There was so many other brands bringing out quality shadows that were much better value for money. Makeup Geek, the first one springing to mind. I have lots of posts including Makeup Geek. I’ll link my favourite neutrals from the brand here.

Mac Eyeshadows

However, at the beginning of this year, Mac reduced the price here in Ireland. Single pan Mac Eyeshadows will now set you back €7 from Brown Thomas and Arnotts here. At one stage, they were costing €11. Seven quid is a much better deal! And of course with Arnotts selling the brand in store and online too, it’s much easier to get a hold of.

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I’ll stop waffling now since you clicked to see my most used shadows from the brand 🙂 A bit of a disclaimer, they are not very exciting. I went with five choices. For some reason that seems to be a nice number for me with these things.

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They are overall neutral with a couple of more interesting colours thrown in too. These are honestly shades I use though. Also, I should point out too, other brands do have similar eyeshadows. Sure Makeup Geek give their Mac dupes on the website. I like to dabble in all brands though and Mac are damn good at eyeshadow (specifically singles), among other things of course.

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First up we have Naked Lunch.

This is one of those colours most makeup lovers had at once stage. This is my second one. I only picked it up a few months ago.

irish beauty blogger
beauty blog ireland
beauty blogger ireland

It’s a neutral and quite cool toned shimmery nude shade with a hint of pink. I love it for highlighting and applied all over the lid on ‘no makeup,makeup’ days.

Second is All That Glitters.

This is another neutral shimmery shade, just deeper. I think of it as a rosy champagne colour. I do know on deeper skin tones it can look a bit orange in tone, that is something to note. But again, for me it’s another everyday shade.

top irish beauty blog
top irish beauty blogger
top beauty blog ireland

It works so lovely just applied all over the lid. You can intensify the shine from it by wetting your brush to apply it.

Third is Satin Taupe.

This is probably my most used shade. It’s a cool toned taupe frosty colour. The formula is a little harder to work with, it’s quite stiff. I generally use my finger too apply it. It is such an unusual shade though, so I can live with the application.

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dublin beauty blogger

You can create dimensional colour with it by just blending the edges with a fluffy brush. In some lights it can look more purple than brown.

My fourth choice is Club.

Club holds a special place in my makeup heart. For a long time it was the only one of it’s kind out there. Nowadays, there’s plenty of similar shades on the market. Like Satin Taupe, it’s a multi dimensional shade.

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mac cosmetics ireland

It is green in the pan, but shifts brown as you blend it. You get a really cool duo chrome effect from it. I remember buying both Satin Taupe and Club at the same time from Brown Thomas after seeing so much hype about them online back in the day. I am glad I did 🙂

My last choice is the most colourful out of the lot. This is Cranberry.

This is a frost finish reddened burgundy with a pink and golden sheen to it. Again, it was one of those shades that a few years ago was hard to come by. Not so much anymore, but it’s still a lovely version of it.

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It looks super intimidating, putting red on your eyes seems insane! For me, I think it does a great job at bringing out the green in my hazel eyes. I generally just use it all over the lid with some brown in the crease.

top five mac eyeshadowsAnd there you have my most reached for Mac Eyeshadows. Do you still dabble in them? What would be your most used?