how i did my makep in school

This is a tag that has been going around the beauty Youtube community the last few weeks. I have really been enjoying watching all the videos from big and little youtubers (like myself). So, I thought I would chance my arm and film How I Did My Makeup In School 🙂

how i did my makep in school

In my how i did my makeup in school video, you will learn nothing at all believe me. But it is makeup related, so I figured it was ok 🙂 I actually couldn’t believe how much I remembered about doing my makeup when I was 17 and 18 because I’m not going to lie it was a good while ago now.

Some of the products I used where ones that I did in fact use back in the early noughties.

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But I did replace some of them with newer versions that still gave the same effect. Can you believe at one stage of my life, I probably owned only 8 makeup products? It doesn’t even bare thinking about 🙂

how i did my makeup in school


I even threw in how I did my hair and my outfit of choice (kinda) for good measure 🙂

If you want to see me actually do my makeup half decent, here’s my latest look. This is a little more put together and appropriate of the time!

I actually really enjoyed just chatting to the camera for this video, so much so I had to edit alot of it out!

If you want a laugh, you can just click on my how I did my makeup in school video above, or you can click the link here and head on over to my Youtube channel. And if you are a Youtube video junkie like myself I would love if you subscribed too. I am trying to make a video a week along with my blog posts 🙂

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So tell me, what were your go to products back in the day?