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Shock horror, this post is not beauty related!!! You know this happens very rarely aroung these parts. But, sure I thought I would mix it up and talk about five random things I am loving right now!

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Beauty is a big part of my life, but I do dabble in other things too now and again 🙂

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I thought it would be fun to talk about my five random things I am loving in video form. This is a bit off the cuff and just a bit of fun, so I hope you don’t mind the lack of beauty related chatter.

I’m rambling about my favourite television series at the minute. May I add I am way late to the party with this one.

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My favourite non alcoholic beverage.

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And my favourite alcohol related beverage too! Sure you need to have balance in this life, don’t you? 🙂

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Then, I have two clothing related favourites aswell. Both making me revisit my younger years. Yes, I am old so I’m allowed say that!

Five Random Things I am Loving
Five Random Things I am Loving

Seriously, the Littlewoods and Office website are on my speed surf at this stage. 🙂

And there you have five random things I am loving right now and not a beauty related product in sight! As always you click above to watch the video on my website, or click here to watch it directly on my YouTube channel.

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I would love your feedback. Do you like touches of non beauty related stuff when it comes to beauty bloggers and vloggers? Or should I quit while I’m ahead?

As always thanks loads for clicking, watching and reading. I really appreciate it. Feel free to let me know anything random that you are loving right now. I’m off to have a mocha…or a gin, I can’t decide 🙂