Catrice Makeup Transforming Drops

The Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops are not a new phenomenon.

Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops

Many brands have their own offering of the concept. However, the Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops are the cheapest version I have come across as of yet on the market. That alone is exciting. Who doesn’t like a bargain? 🙂

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, they are basically a pigment you can add into a foundation to either lighten or darken the shade and customise if to your preferred colour. These drops come in 15ml tubes.

Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops

As a pale skinned gal. The Lightening Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops are definitely something that could enrich my foundation wearing life. Alot of the time the palest shade in a foundation range is still too dark for me. The Darkening Drops probably won’t get much use from me personally, but they are equally as important for warming up foundations for darker skinned beauties. Or, of course for fake tan wearing days 🙂

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They have a light but creamy consistency that blends super easily with foundation. I was kind of worried about them changing how my foundation applies and lasts on the skin. But, after trying the lightening ones everyday for the past week or so, I can confidently say they don’t on me.

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Here it is in action on my skin with a foundation that is a couple of shades too dark for me. Now I will say, some of the transformer products on the market come in white which would give more colour scope. The Catrice offering are more of a very light skin shade.

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The Darkening Drops work in much the same way.

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I would say add product and mix as you go. The first time I played with these I ended up wasting alot. They’re called drops for a reason, a little goes a long way 🙂

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Catrice also say on the website you can use the drops for highlighting and contouring, which makes sense since they are pigmented and blendable, and of course the right kind of shades. Not something I have tried as of yet, but I definitely will at some stage.

Overall, I am a fan of the Catrice Makeup Transformer Drops. A variation of colours would be as always more beneficial to more skin tones. But, for the price point (€3.95), they are a great addition to your personal makeup collection. They are available in retailers now.


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