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Obsession X Belle Jorden Eyeshadow Palette

I picked up the Obsession X Belle Jorden Eyeshadow Palette completely on a whim in all honesty. I was just perusing the Boots makeup stands, as one does, and happened to give it an oul swatch. Belle Jorden isn’t someone who is on my YouTube radar. I now see that’s because I am not young […]

Getting a lash lift. My Experience

I just got my third lash lift and shared some of the experience on my Instagram, as I always do. There was lots of questions so I thought it might be worth doing a blogpost about my thoughts on it here.   I had my first one at the beginning of 2017 in the Vanity […]


Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial GRWM

I’m always amazed at the difference when I see my before and after makeup shots. It’s not that I hate myself without makeup, I’ve somewhat come to terms with my lot. It will just never not be cool, the things you can achieve with makeup ๐Ÿ™‚ I was going out for my brother’s birthday on […]

Beauty Stocking Fillers

I did this a couple of years ago in a different format.ย It went down pretty well. So I thought I would do it again. This year we’re definitely dialling it back for Christmas. Well as much as we can, I love buying presents. So whether you’re on a budget, want to pick up a token […]

BPerfect Sub Zero Highlight Collection

So this is definitely more of a show and tell than a review, just as a disclosure. I received the new BPerfect Sub Zero Highlight Collection in collaboration with MMMMitchell last week in PR and I wanted to show it off a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the other BPerfect collaboration palettes in my possession too, […]

Mac Whirl Lipstick and Lip Liner

I’ve had Mac Whirl lipstick for a while now. And I’ve had the liner forever, literally. And I never thought to do a blogpost on them. Silly me! Well I am rectifying this now for the archives and just in case any of you want to see them in action ๐Ÿ™‚ There was a lot […]